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Strip for August 14, 2000
Current story line is Night at the Movies

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Rich Era Begins - Jesse Brack (August 14, 2000)
The Richard Van Stone era now begins here at Being Seventeen. For those of you who don't know what is going on, Richard has now taken over the majority of the workload as the lead artist. He'll be drawing Monday, Wednesday, and Friday if I can get my lazy self to write the scripts on time. I'll have the honors of Sunday's strip. Give a huge thanks to Richard, because if it wasn't for him, Being Seventeen wouldn't exist right now.

Wow, I, Umm... - Jesse Brack (August 09, 2000)
All I have to say is wow. I've ran web sites off and on for about four years. Some of them were successes, others just learning experiences. Even though Being Seventeen had one of the shortest life spans of any project I've done, it had recieved the most positive feedback from people than any other web page I have created. For some reason, you people like it :P After I recieved all the good byes and good lucks, I really did not want to give up on something that actually seemed to have potential and appealed to so many people. But time wise, no matter how much I would of liked to continue the strip, I couldn't.

Then something happened. Richard Van Stone, a very talented artist, approached me on my offer concerning web design. We became good friends and after some talking, Richard offered to continue Being Seventeen by being the lead artist. His ability to mimic my art style was great, and I saw no reason why I should pass up an opportunity like this. So long story short, Being Seventeen will continue, but under different credits. Richard will be the head artist, drawing strips for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I will continue to write the scripts and provide overall direction of the comic, and also draw the strip for Sunday. The extra time that I have now will allow me a chance to give the web page the certain amount of attention it deserves. So expect some great things (I hope :), and without Richard's help, none of this could have been possible.

Well, that's it! I appreciated everyone's warm comments when I decided to close Being Seventeen, and I can only hope that I made some people happy again by continuing the comic :)

Small Note: Sorry about the quality of today's strip (Aug 9th)... This was the strip I was drawing when I decided to quit the comic.

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